"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire."
Anatole France

10th February

By Mary on 11-02-2014


What a Monday! The dinner was so much fun – we had it at Mt Meru Hotel and everyone was able to come. Mr Severua, the headmaster of Haradali was amazing, keeping us all enraptured in his stories. He told us about a class he used to teach some years ago. He was given the class that they all called ‘Matutuso”. This means something along the lines of idiots, or the failures. Mr Severua wasn’t having a bar of that, and ended up coaching the class in all subjects to achieve the best scores in their grade.

We started with a small thank you from me to all of the folks there, and especially to Vinnie who wasn’t there. Emmanuel, Mr Severua, William, Lachie, Blandina and Tusime all stood up and said amazing things and we toasted to more years of partnership. Our biggest communal thank you is to all the sponsors. You are making so many lives better, it’s awesome 🙂 it was such a great dinner, I hope we can have more of you attend at any future ones. It’s so good to know we have a solid community that is committed to supporting and empowering these awesome kids.

While I was in Nairobi, Blandina managed to finish off the rest of the school shoes, stationeries and uniforms. On Monday I am heading to Haradali School to distribute the long pants and rest of the missing items. Things have settled down a lot now that the kids are all back at school and they have everything they need.

Last week we both missed the Shepherds Visiting Day, so the school let me come in this afternoon instead. Immanuel and Jovin weren’t there, but I have left their sponsor letters with Faraja who is happy to pass them on, she’s so cool! Hellena is doing great as well, super sweetheart. Eliza is having a week as a day student while she recovers from the surgery – the scar is pretty rugged! This is so her sister can properly look after her when she’s at home, and spend time with her while she gets better. Poor girl, she’s so brave! Lilian is currently 3rd in her class which she was super excited to tell, so proud! Selus looks so serious in his glasses – when he first got them he was quite shy. Now, he wears them like a proper scientist! That boy will do great things. We hung out and ate snacks in one of the classrooms – there was a lesson going on next door – apparently the grade 7 students go to school on Saturdays and Sundays! Good on them!

All the students sat their Entrance exams to begin the year last week. Now that everyone is well settled in we can start concentrating on individual needs more closely. We’ve come across a slight hiccup for the trip in September – both Haradali and Shepherds have organised their graduation for the same day. Since these are all day events however, we can spend a half day at each and still catch the important stuff:) if you are still interested in the trip and haven’t heard anything more about it feel free to email me.