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Anatole France

20th February

By Mary on 20-02-2014

Rain rain rain! It’s the last week I’ll be here in Arusha before I return to NZ, so if anyone has specific requests or questions please email:)

Last Saturday Blandina had another meeting with the children at Haradali about how long each of their items should last (e.g. sheets, trunks, mattresses etc) as we have had quite a few replacements this year and it’s important the kids take care of their belongings. All Haradali children are now attending extra tuition after school, and the grade 7 students also go on Saturdays.

Victor and Michael Nichodemu have been enrolled in QT, which is a Qualifying Test study course that fits form 1 and 2 into one year and form three and four into another. At the end they can sit the national exams and gain their form 4 graduation certificate if they pass. You can sit this course any amount of time. This will be great for Michael in his work and also for Victor. Victor is enjoying it so far and liking being back in a learning environment. Michael has yet to start his classes as he needs to figure out a work schedule that fits around the morning sessions.

Eliza Nichodemu had to be rushed to hospital again last week as her wound was bleeding. After visiting Dr Catherine and removing the stitches, Eliza is recovering at home with Yolanda caring for her and attending school during the day. Having Yolanda to look after her in the evenings will be great for Eliza’s recovery. She is doing well now and will be going back to boarding in a few weeks.

Tomorrow (Friday) is Parent/Teacher Consultation Day at Shepherds Kimondolu Campus, so I will be heading there at 2 until 4pm to collect the first progressive reports for all the Shepherds Students. On Saturday Blandina and I will be meeting with all kids to remind them of their goals set last December and catch up with those children that were travelling over the break and we didn’t get to talk with.

Blandina has been struggling with the seamstress while I was away to get the Haradali older boys long pants made in time. Another fundi situation! After promising to have all pairs made by Monday the 10th, it is now the 20th and still we are without 7 pairs. Hopefully she’ll get them done by Saturday so we can give them out to the children that need them. It’s getting cold with the rains so long pants for the boys will be good. The children are asking for the school beanies during the cold season too which is something we will look into.

The Shepherds and Haradali Annual School Calendars are out and it turns out Graduation for both schools is on the same day in September! Not to worry – a visit to both events is easily organised.

Otherwise the children are all well settled into their first term, and things are running smoothly.

Have a great week!