"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire."
Anatole France

About ACE

Arusha Childrens Effort, or ACE, is a not for profit Charity, registered in New Zealand.  (CC45344).

ACE has the sole objective of facilitating qualifiying students into a sustainable long term education programme. The majority of the students in the ACE programme  have either no parents or a very difficult family situation, and no hope of a reasonable education without outside assistance. The programme needs to be sustainable so that it is not dependent on any one person.

Through sponsorship into one of the schools that ACE works with in Arusha, the students  are able to learn all the basic reading, writing and mathematical skills that will then give them the opportunity to go onto either secondary schooling, further employment, or tertiary education. Going to school gives them confidence, some security, some hope, and often the only meal they will have that day. Sponsorship through ACE also provides a student  with much needed pastoral care, mental and emotional support and guidance as they mature into young adults. ACE incorporates workshops and discussions about various topics, including goal setting and health awareness, as a regular part of the  schooling curriculum.

Sponsoring a student  through ACE supplies them with the school fees, transport, basic uniform, shoes and stationery, for an education that will then enable them to make a change for their future.

ACE has a limit of 100 at any given time on the number of students  within the programme, to ensure that a realistic and sustainable personal and caring structure remains in place.

Our belief is that helping these students by providing an education, means they in turn may go on to help many others, and have the opportunity to create a better life not only for themselves, but also for those around them.

  • ACE is a web based initiative.
  • All donations or sponsorship funds are paid to ACE.
  • ACE pays the tuition fees each semester to the schools, and has established relationships with  local stationery and uniform suppliers to provide the necessary goods for each student.
  •  School reports, photos, and any relevant news concerning the students are directed to the sponsor, by email, as are invoices and donation requests. Photos are sent by email and also posted on the gallery page of the facebook link. Correspondence with the sponsor student is also available  via email.
  • A detailed report of ACE funds and where they go is available to view upon request.+
  • ACE is audited by the NZ Charities Commission.


Sponsorship: Each student has their own personal sponsor, or is funded through general donations and fundraising.  The sponsor pays a fee that covers tuition, books, and uniform. These fees are outlined under the sponsorships page.

Donations: For those people that wish to help, but are unable to fund a full sponsorship, ACE is constantly in need of funds to assist for students within the programme:

These needs are outlined on the donations page.


ACE was established in 2010  to facilitiate  the opportunities that an education can provide to students in Arusha, Tanzania .

Charity Officer : Vinnie Duncan,  Auckland, New Zealand

Self Employed in Home based Export business, Monther of 7, keen multi-sport  enthusiast.

Time and Costs  – Volunteered

Operations ManagerMary Duncan – Wellington, New Zealand Mary Duncan, ACE

Mary lived and volunteered in Arusha for 1 year in 2010. She has returned to Arusha on a regular basis  since then to assist with the administration of ACE and to continue the relationships she has established with the students  and schools.

Time and Costs – Volunteered

Blandina Mapunda – Arusha, Tanzania

Balinda Mapunda, ACEBlandina resides  in Arusha with her husband, who is an assistant lecturer at Mt Meru University. Blandina has a degree in Public Administration, and before her contract with ACE spent several years working with TAFES (Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students) as a Youth Co-ordinator, working with secondary school children.

Blandina has also had a year as a volunteer in the UK, working with Care Force, assisting with the care of toddlers, children, and the elderly. Blandina returned to Tanzania in 2010 to marry and be with her husband Tusime in Arusha. Blandina is directly responsible for liaison between ACE and the schools and children within the programme. Blandina and Tusime have a young daughter, Kemmy, and are vital, dedicated contributors to the ACE programme.

Time: Modest monthly salary and transport provision.


Vinnie Duncan, Director of  ACE, wishes to acknowledge the following people:

  • Mary Duncan, for her empathy and vision for the students, and the dedication and hard work she has put into setting up ACE on the ground in Arusha, Tanzania.
  • Blandina Mapunda, for her perseverance and dedication to the programme and her continued support and love for all ACE students.
  • Rich and Pat Flocchini, Reno, USA, for their extreme and ongoing generosity, enabling ACE to get started.
  • Diede Scheltinga, Netherlands, for  time and effort in creating and maintaining the ACE website.
  • Ben Carson, Doodl, for website creation and maintenance
  • Bernadette Buhl-Neilson, for invaluable contribution and support  in mental and social health programmes for the ACE students and schools.
  • All those individuals who have sponsored and donated, no matter how much or how little, your contribution REALLY does make a difference.