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Anatole France

August 26 2013

By Vinnie on 26-08-2013

Hi there all,

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Just to let you know that I will shortly  be in Arusha for a few days from September 19 – 24th.

This is in order to support Blandina in her on-going marvellous job of looking after all the ACE kids, to meet with the schools and assess progress, as well, of course, as getting the chance to see how everyone is growing .

I hope to take lots of pictures for you all.

If anyone would like to take this opportunity to write their child a letter, and email it to me, I will be able to take it with me to give to them personally.

The children are all on holiday for another week, they go back to school September 2nd. Many of them have continued with extra tuition during the break to ensure their grades can be kept up.

New reports are also available on the Haradali website, if you use the number and password that you have you should hopefully be able to access these. Let Mary or myself know if you have a problem.

There will be some changes at Haradali School  for the new term, three new teachers and a new Principal, but the owner and overall manager, Mr Simon Severua, is still very much in charge and we have great confidence in his abilities and intentions. It will be a very good opportunity when I am there to see how the school is doing overall.

As always, thanks for your support for your children, and I look forward to being able to post good news and pictures of them all.

Cheers, Vinnie

P.S. Remember also to check regularly the ACE Facebook page for updates and photos.