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Friday 20/12/2013

By Mary on 20-12-2013

Hi All!

Hi All!

Thank you so much for your support over the past 3 years, it has been so amazing to team up with you all on this mission – we couldn’t do it without you!

We have had a fair amount of interest about the possibility of sponsors visiting Arusha, so we have decided to look into the idea of organising a sponsors tour. This will revolve around the graduation of our grade 7 students both at Haradali and Shepherds which will be at the beginning of next September. Family and friends are more than welcome, and really just anybody that is interested! It would be great to share this experience with you all, adn it means so much to the children and Blandina. It's definitely a great way to see how things work here and to get a better understanding of what we do within the ACE programme.

Here is a rough draft of ideas – feel free to ask any questions and add suggestions – I’m no tour guide so all comments are welcome!

I hope to be in Arusha from about mid-July next year – ongoing, so depending on the work/study/leisure schedules of you all, this trip can be pretty flexible as far as dates go.

–          For the trip – ACE will organise all transport to and from the airport, school and home visits and can help with organising transport around town as well.

–          We can also organise any tours you’d like to go on with trusted companies here in Arusha – e.g. Kili/Meru climb, Zanzibar trip, lodging/camping safari etc. (TAPAC Safaris will be our primary go to company – the director is good quality!)

–           – There will be a planned week where sponsors can visit the homes of their sponsor children with either Blandina or myself assisting and translating (one on one is best – we don’t want to overwhelm the families with a hoard of wazungu!).

–          There will be visits planned to both schools, our attendance at the graduation ceremonies is also much anticipated.

–          As for time around town, myself, Vinnie (if you’re Swahili is up to it Ma!) and Blandina will be more than happy to take you guys around town and show you all the best spots.

–          For sponsors who may want to visit and stay and help for longer, several weeks or a few months, ACE can also organise aid work within the schools and within the programme to keep you all busy!

–          Arrival and departure dates can be pretty flexible, as long as they are within the time frame of approximately Mid-July – mid December.

–          Accommodation will be organised by ACE depending on what suits you, the sponsor. We can organise hotels, hostels, home stays or private apartments/rooms.

–          ACE will work to get discounts for most of the above, so that you guys aren’t paying through the roof!

–          The booking of flights / travel insurance / vaccinations etc will be the responsibility of each individual sponsor.

So what I’d like to know from y’all, is who might possibly be interested in something like this? Please email me if you are, with approximate dates and the duration of your trip and I will be able to plan an itinerary and budget that suits each of you individually. Arusha is great, and the kids would all absolutely LOVE to have you guys visit! They ask me all the time about their sponsors. So have a think about it and hopefully I’ll hear from you soon!

There will be another update coming within the next 24 hours – sorry this one’s late, power has been spasmodic here! Not to mention internet.

Like I said – fire any questions at me (maryduncan2@gmail.com) and if you’d like to know more details about Arusha and what’s available in general – google it! Haha, no just kidding, I’m more than happy to help with any questions you might have:)

See also the most recent Haradali updates coming through on email and the facebook page, and the children's results are now online so I will get reports out to you all soon!

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Asante Sana,