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Haradali Visit update June 2012

By Vinnie on 5-07-2012

Haradali Visit June 2012.
Mary and I were privileged to visit Haradali School for the day whilst we were in Arusha. Maria Thorup Jacobsen one of our sponsors, and her friend Camilla, both from Denmark, also joined us.
We were welcomed by the whole school, who sang songs, performed dances, and then watched whilst the ACE children introduced themselves one by one, and then participated in cultural activities as well as performing the school song and prayer. It was great to see the ACE kids feeling special as they were singled out.
We were then able to spend some time with the ACE children, where we gave them some small gifts supplied by donors in NZ, ( ACE pens, key rings and stickers). We were able to play some games and sing some songs with the children before they went home, which was very special.
We also had a detailed meeting with the staff and administrators of Haradali School. They are currently building a secondary school for commencement in 2013, which is great news, as it gives the ACE children and others, a guaranteed continuity and high standard of education.
Haradali are currently full to bursting with boarding children, and are also investigating options for expanded boarding facilities, an upgrade to the kitchen, and the establishment of a library and computer room. ( All rooms are currently being used as classrooms.)
Many of he ACE children also get extra tuition after school, ( the school buses are held back for an hour to enable this, ) during which time they are able to revise work learnt and do their homework, which is really helping them achieve, as many would not have the opportunity to do so at home.
We were also able to provide a morning tea of bread and bananas for all the boarding children, it was great fun and they loved the special occasion as well as the extra food !
Haradali now have a reporting system online, ( subject to power supply) so we will get you your children’s passwords so that you can check them individually yourself when you wish. This will happen over the next month.
Check out all the photos on facebook, and they will also be up on the gallery page shortly.

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