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Latest News 13th 2012

By Vinnie on 12-11-2012

Hi there all,
It is a busy time at Haradali, FK and Shepherds, as the school year draws to a close and the children complete their examinations and tests. The end of November marks the beginning of the Christmas Break, and we are currently busy making sure that everyone has somewhere safe to go over this time. All the children will once again receive a small food parcel and gift to take home with them to assist in their family or homestay situation over this period.
As is the case everywhere, costs for food and education have risen in Arusha. I have received the fee structure for 2013 from Shepherds and Haradali, and will be getting a copy of these out to all sponsors over the next month.
The 2013 school year will start again in early January, and we are required to pay at least half the fees at this point, so it would be very much appreciated if all sponsors could please make their payments promptly upon recepit of an invoice.
Please see below the letter received from Mr Simon Severua, of Haradali schools, explaining the fee increase.
Meanwhile, Blandina continues, with little daughter Kemmy and husband Tusime, to do a marvellous job for ACE in Arusha.
We shall have photos and end of year reports for all chidlren over the next few weeks.
Thanks, Vinnie
Dear friends and Children supporters
Recently; with the help of financial people; I was forced by the situation to go through our
economy as far as running of the Haradali School.
The findings have clearly proved that we will never be able to run the school with current fees
structure and maintain or uplift the current standard unless we have subsidice from somewhere
else. The reason I requested the findings is because we have been running under a big financial
stress. For example, at the moment we have a balance of aboutt 1000 USD meanwhile the
remaining running costs up to 31 December is over 36,000 USD. Some factors contribute to this
1. The running costs are higher than the income; especially the staff salary. The school has a
very big budget of salary because it higheres high quality teachers. 75% of our teachers
are of Degree and Diploma levels and with considerable experience. 15% Are Grade III A
level with Experience and the rest are Teachers with Certificate of Early Childhood
Education who are recognised as assistant teachers. From our Kean Observation; we have
realized that many of schools have less than 15% in the first cartegory (Digree Diploma)
and this allows them to have comperatively small budget in the salary. Meanwhile, recently
the government has reasen the salaries of qualified teachers and this suggest that for the
Private School to get quality teachers we must top up the said salary othewise we lose
them. Equally applies, we have also improved our non-teaching staff by employing more
trained personnel to increase care for children especially those in boarding
2. The School has a feeding Program whereby all children gets lunch and breackfast at
school. The full board children get full board services plus average medical treatment. Food
cost has raised so much during the last two years. Some school put the school fees down
but not providing food to children or they put a separate fee for food. Haradali cant do this
because since our school is in the village; we found that in doing; very few who will
manage to go back home for lunch. After starting the feeding program; we noticed a
change in children concentration and big strength while playing.
3. The fact that our School fees have been considerably very low compared to the curent
running cost and for the current standard. There is no single school in the area with
equivalent standard taking the fees even close to ours. We don’t feel to compromise on the
quality but to raise it more
4. To us the school has been and still will continue to be service / ministry and not profit
making business. Providing quality education behind this philosophy is a big challenge
a. High quality teachers demand over TZS 650,000 plus house plus transport. Average
quality teacher demand up to TZS 400,000.
b. Maintaining the quality a classroom need to have maximum of 35 children. Our
average is 38 and that not good
5. The School is located in the area with people of average and low income, a big number of
parent or guardian fail to pay the fees
However; the intention of the propriator is to see that the school fees can cover the running cost
of the school. From the finding we have realized a deficity which has to be covered. We also have
aimed 8.5% of school income to be involved in school development cost. The 8.5% is what we
used to expand and develop the school plus costs for few children who are sponsored by the
We have therefore suggested to School Board an increase of the school fees from 150,000 to
200,000 per semester per kid for a day scholar student. For full boarding children the school fees
will be raised from 370,000 to 420,000 per child.
Under this revision; Haradali as a school will no longer sponsor more children, instead we have
decided to put 10% discount on day school fees and 7% for the boarding to the sponsored kids.
The discount is only for those dissadvantage children. It is never for those who have been
sponsored as a result of parents and sponsor relations. I mean there are children who are
sponsored by friends of their parents but actually the parents are able to pay the school fees.
The discounted School fee for sponsored kids will therefore be TZS. 180,000 per semester for
Day Scholars; for the boarders will be TZS 390,000 per semester. The change is expected to
start effectivelly from January 2013
As a school manager; I clearly understand the impact of this change, but I don’t have alternative. I
am also concerned about those parents / guardians who have failed to pay all or part of the
current fees and we have no way to compasate the fees.
I have written all this explannation to let you understand the situation and find ways of facing this
challenge, since we need to help the children in question to develop their full potention for their
better future.
Simon Severua
SCHOOL MANAGERbuy papers online