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Anatole France

Latest News, August 30.

By Vinnie on 30-08-2011

As at September 1st, ACE has the following students enrolled in the Sponsorship Programme:

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Haradali School – 12 Boarders, 34 Day Pupils
Shepherds School – 3 Boarders and 6 Day pupils.
Davis School – 20 Day Pupils
Fikiria Kwanza Academy – 4 Boarders
Vocational Schools – 3 Adult Pupils.

This is a fantastic start to the new semester, and would not be possible without the help of the dedicated people giving their time in Arusha. More importantly, we have a waiting list of desperately needy children that we are trying to find sponsors for. If you can help us out, please get in touch so we can enrol these kids in school as soon as possible. One family in particular is a family of 8 children living with their elderly grandparents in a small mud hut. 3 are already sponsored, but Gideon, Gilbert, Oberty, Sharon and Elinaja Bariki are all aged between 4 – 9, and are immediate cousins. They really look out for each other, and respond immediately to any stimulation, showing promising aptitute in arts and maths.
We have several other families , in similar situations, who also need immediate help to get into school. All their details will be posted on the sponsorship page within the next few days.