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Anatole France

Looking back over the past 3 months…

By Mary on 27-02-2014

ACE became officially registered in Tanzania, providing us with a solid legal ground to work in Arusha with the schools and the children. This also provides security for Blandina within her job, and a much safer environment for all of us to assist and empower these wonderful kids become the best people they came be!

Haradali School began construction of a Safe House, planned by Lachie (YES Arusha LTD) and Simon Severua. This will provide a safe home for children with nowhere to go in the school break.

Our first three secondary students began at Shepherds Secondary this year. Congratulations to Livingstone Anderson, Maulidi Rajabu and Flora Nathanial! In the January examination Livi scored first in his form, and Maulidi and Flora were close behind, with almost all grades in the 80’s and 90%. Congratulations again Livi on getting 100% in English! These three students are going to do so well, and they are setting such a great example for the younger kids. When we talk about their achievements with the younger ones at Haradali and Shepherds, they are just blown away by their success and inspired to do just as well.
We’ve had 8 new additions to Haradali Boarding – Alpha and Omega Daudi, Elisha Noel Sumari, Dora Gabriel, Vanessa Exaud, Denis Ezekiel, Brayson Alex and Japhet John. They have all settled in well and love it. We now have 38 children at Haradali Boarding, and 16 in Haradali Day, a total of 54 children at Haradali.

Congratulations to Debora Massawe and Liliani Nichodemu, both at Shepherds Primary in Grade 1. They both achieved first position in their separate classes, tying for first in their grade. An amazing achievement for their first month in primary! We now have 3 students at Shepherds Secondary and 8 in Shepherds Primary.

We have held goal setting lunches with almost all of the children, in an effort to help them gain some direction for the future. This is also an opportunity to talk with the kids about how important it is to do well in school, and how they can improve and achieve the highest marks.

We had a group discussion with the older girls from ACE and YES Arusha about sexuality, HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, sex, puberty and peer pressure. The girls were great and really got involved, learning some valuable lessons that will hopefully help to keep them out of trouble and in school. We aim to have all the ACE children graduate Primary without incident and hopefully secondary as well!

Several group discussions were held with all ACE students about the role of their sponsors and what is provided within ACE. The discussions included caring for belongings and looking after all their school and boarding items so that they last the required amount of time, the importance of achieving at the highest they can – we want all ACE children to be the best in the school and set examples to the rest of the school body. We spoke about empowerment and self-respect for oneself and others. Let’s hope it sunk in!

All Haradali students required the new school uniform this year which was a huge cost, however thanks to the donation of an amazing sponsor, we managed to subsidise this cost significantly. Thank you so so much!

Good luck to all the grade 4 students who must sit the national examination this year. Angel Elirehema, Dennis Daniel, Dora Gabriel, Diana Frank, Elizabeth Noah, Jackson Zakaria, Jackeline Meshak, Jemsi Naftal, Jenifer Simon, Jessica George, Joshua and Joseph Bariki, Neema William, Meshak Judica, Upendo Ernst, Seif Khalid, Tatu Hassan, Jovin Joseph, Eliza and Selus Nichodemu. Also to Flora Ezekiel at Haradali who is in Grade 7 and will be graduating this year, and to Samuel Lucus at Haradali, and Faraja Jophert at shepherds who are in grade 6 but may be able to sit the entrance exam for form 1.

HUGE congratulations to these students for their amazing marks in last year’s final examinations.
Livingstone Anderson – B (9th)
Maulidi Rajabu – B (9th)
Jovin Joseph – A (5th)
Hellena Jophert – A (13th)
Emmanuel Thomas – A (3rd)
Liliani Nichodemu A (9th)
Debora Massawe – A (5th)
Selus Nichodemu – A (9th)

Amani Palangyo – A (5th)
Andrea Jacob – A (8th)
Florah Ezekiel – B (7th)
Jackeline Meshak – A (4th)
Japhet John – A (13th)
Denis Ezekiel – A
Evaline Ndelekwa – B+
Joshua Bariki – B+
Juma Abdallah – B+
Rukia Mohamed – B+

Almost all of the ACE children scored either A or B in their final Examination last year which is fantastic! Well done guys 🙂 Sponsors – thank you so much for the support and love you are giving these children, they are going to make you proud! We really appreciate everything you do. We will hopefully have some sponsors visiting in September this year and again next year.

Thanks again, talk soon!

Mary & Vinnie