"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire."
Anatole France

March 2014

By Mary on 3-04-2014

Hi there!

Thanks for all your patience; March was a busy month so here’s our latest updateJ

Michael and Victor Nichodemu are a month into their QT (qualifying Certificate) classes for form 1-4, a two year course. Their teacher had great things to say especially about Michael’s study and work ethic, mentioning that he studies every chance he gets even if it’s only for a few hours. Great guy!

Shepherds school has closed and will re-open again at the beginning of May. Classes 4 and 6 are attending holiday tuition at Kimondolu. Results for last term will be sent through soon. Blandina is organising to meet with the shepherds kids to talk about their goals that were set at the beginning of the year and assess how their progress is going.

The Haradali school first term results aren’t up yet, however all of the children have had their new uniforms for a month now and Blandina will be sending through photos soon. Internet in Arusha has been a struggle this past month so communications are slow.

Blandina continues to be in regular contact weekly with all the children via the matrons and teachers at school, as well as weekly visits. Unfortunately the car was hit from behind while she was driving this week which means her access will be limited for a short time. ( Luckily no injuries – always a risk in Arusha where deaths on the road are very high.)

Our aims this year with the goal setting exercises, study techniques, more family involvement, discussions about health and hygiene awareness, and respect for self and others, are all initiatives working towards delivering aid that empowers the children and their families / guardians that we work with, to achieve and succeed through their own hard work and ingenuity. Allowing the children within our programme, through the aid that ACE provides, to have access to the best schooling, mentoring, supervision and support that their own community can provide, is the key to this .Catching up with the children to talk about their progress with their goals over the past term will be a good indicator of how we are going with this!

Please feel free to email if there are any questions about the kids, schools, grades, recent photos etc, thanks again for all your support!