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September 10th 2012

By Vinnie on 10-09-2012

Hi there,
One of our schools that we work with, Haradali,is having a big fundraising push to raise money for an updated kitchen. (Currently they are catering for 700 + children on a couple of open fires.)
Letter from Mr Severua as follows – if you can help please donate using the button to the right…..
30 million tsh is approx 30,000 USD – anything we can contribute will be of assistance.

Hello friends and Children Sponsors
Jambo from Tanzania.

I felt it is worthy to share the following with children sponsors.

The school is going to held third graduation ceremony in the 15th September 2012.
During this event we are going to do a SPECIAL FUNDRAISING aiming to raise money for Construction of Dining hall and kitchen. In the last two meetings with parents and guarding, there was a very big concern from parents about the situation and the way we are feeding children. Since the number of children has been so big (740) we have been un-able to use our small temporary dining hall, instead teachers are collecting food and feed children while they are in classrooms and this create lots of in Conveniences. Parents finds the school plans for construction of Dining hall and kitchen are quite far (from May 2014). They then asked the school to organize fundraising aiming to raise at least 30 million which can help to take the first step – at least to construct the frame / column with shed. The fundraising will involve parents and guardians, Haradali staff, community around the school and all friends of Haradali School. In 2008 we did a fundraising like we are going to do and we raised 7 million Tanzanian shillings.

Hello friends, I am writing this to inform you about this special event to be undertaken by the community. Please if any sponsor feels to donate / supports efforts of parents towards this fundraising, you are so well come. All donation can be sent through the school accounts and at the same time writing us an email so that we can perform necessary transaction. Donation of construction material can be sent directly to Haradali school or you give us information for collection.

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Haradali is a non-selective and non-profit English Medium School committed to raise children with high quality education and care. The school has no permanent sponsor; we receive no any donation or subsidy from the Government. The running of the school rest of school fees which are paid by parents, guardians and sponsors. The school highers high quality teachers and this cause the salary budget to consume around 60% of the school income. Many time we face financial stresses but thank God that there is a forward going. Please feel free to share this information to any one who can be interested..