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September Visit 2013

By Mary on 13-11-2013

Update Part 2

Haradali School is going well. The owner, Mr Simon Severua has recently resigned from his job to concentrate solely on Haradali. They have done a lot of work on the grounds and it is looking good. There is good progress with their future building plans, despite the number of children they host in their school, and the atmosphere feels vibrant and positive. There is a big new building which has 2 large dormitories and new bathrooms, along with an upstairs dining/kitchen hall. There is also a new Baby Block, and the whole school is now surrounded by fences and gates. There is a new administration building with a reception area. 7 new teachers have been employed and they had also just a big Government Inspection where they scored well. Haradali is working on installing disabled access where practical, and have also established an ‘integrated class’ for the children with a larger age and/or ability disparity. It is a class of max 25, where the children work in groups of four. This really accelerates learning so they can catch up to their classmates and improve their grades faster. Next year will have two integrated classes, increasing by one each year.

There is no government subsidy provided for the school, however they charge for exam fees, inspection costs and regulations. Along with Teachers’ salaries having been mandatorily increased this year, and with a payment record of 65-70%, there is a strain on Haradali finances and resources at the moment. They are doing well, and have a current roll of 870 students. Academically, Students from Haradali have proven to do pretty well and are often at the top of their game when they move onto secondary school. A Computer lab is now established; and when classes go to the lab half of them do theory and the other half work on the computers. Haradali would hugely benefit from volunteers helping to finalise their computer programme.  Mr Severua has a lot of experience with volunteers and is keep for assistance.

We really encourage you to send us regular letters and photos that we can give to your child, they love the interaction and it is good to remind them they are loved and cared for. It’s great to see some of the ACE families really supporting their children and communicating well with Blandina. Blandina made the very valid comment that many of the children are enormously loved by their parents if they have them, but the situations are just desperate. Those that care are so helpful when they can be, and obviously love their kids.

More soon!

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