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Anatole France

September Visit 2013

By Mary on 13-11-2013

Update Part 3

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Vinnie also met with Mama Lucy at the Shepherds Nursery school. She was very welcoming and had only praise for Blandina. ACE and another programme called Epic Change are the only 2 sponsor programmes to work with Shepherds.  Epic change sponsored a young boy who graduated grade 7 with exceptional marks and is now attending school in Florida. This just goes to show – it you work hard enough you really do attract great opportunities! Junior School is in its first year of new uniforms (a red sweater that is SO cute!).

Shepherds currently has 2 streams for each class up to Grade 4, and plan to have the same happen for grades 5,6 and 7 within 2 years. There is new construction taking place to enable this. Shepherds have also started up a computer programme. They currently have 20 computers in their lab for studies starting at grade 3 and have internet at the Nursery school. We have suggested to both Haradali and Shepherds the idea of starting up communications with sponsors and their children via email direct through the school. Shepherds Secondary School has 35 students this year and will have a new class next year and so on. They already have a high reputation for their biology laboratory and their computer programme.

We have three Shepherds students graduating next year, and would be granted 5-10 minutes at graduation to speak if we attend. Any sponsors able to come along are most welcome – keep watching this space for more info on the 2014 ‘Sponsors Trip’.  Shepherds is a great school,  it’s clean, disciplined, has good governance and good plans.

That’s all for now, thank you all so much for your commitment and dedication to the education and health of these children – it is invaluable!

We really appreciate your support.


Mary and Vinnie