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Shepherds Junior Visit – June 2012

By Vinnie on 5-07-2012

Shepherds Junior Visit June 2012.
We had several great visits with the children at Shepherds Junior School, both at the Moivaro campus and the Junior Campus. All the children appeared well, and enjoyed the opportunity we had to share afternoon tea with the boarding students, as well as spend time with all the children during their lunch break where we were able to share gifts ( ACE key rings, pens and stickers).
Shepherds school has a long waiting list, and is very highly regarded in the area. They currently have an average standard of 71% in primary, and 69% in only the first year of secondary. The expansion to a secondary school is really encouraging as it gives the children security going forward. Shepherds are actively cultivating a computer and literacy programme, English is the main language at all times within the school arena, and the progress the children are making is quite astounding. Many of the children had extremely good mid term reports, we will get these to you individually. You can also see photos on the facebook page, and they will also be up on the gallery page very soon.

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The children’s progress is assessed twice a term, with a report update at the end of each term. We were able to see many of the schoolbooks and report cards, and it was marvellous to see the children working so hard.
Shepherds mentioned their desperate need for computers, so if anyone has access to some still functioning laptops that they can donate (plus shipping) to the school it would be hugely appreciated.