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Update 25.07.13

By Vinnie on 25-07-2013

Hi  there to all sponsors, children, and families who follow the ACE programme updates.

Hard to believe that already the year is over half way gone !

Most of the children are getting ready now for a break in August after the long ‘winter’ semester, and it is good to be able to report that the children will reach the vacation time with nothing more serious than a few coughs, colds and such like.

Well done to Bridget Robinson, who spent a week in Arusha visiting her sponsor child in June, as well as spending time with Blandina as she goes about her daily requirements looking after the ACE children.

Bridget was able to see first hand the extreme circumstances that some of the children live in, and as a result has increased her sponsorship to enable her sponsor child to enter into the boarding facility, thanks so much Bridget.

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I can’t emphasise enough the difference it makes for these children when they board. Regular meals, warmth, good sleep, structured tuition time and homework supervision means they make huge progress with their learning programmes.

Congratulations, to Jessica and Matt Woolf, who got married on June 28th. Jessica and her family sponsor two children in the ACE programme, and Jessica and Matt arranged for their wedding guests to make donations to the ACE programme in lieu of wedding gifts, which was an extremely generous and very much appreciated gesture. Many, Many thanks.

Thank you once again for all your support, and enjoy the pictures and letters as we are able to get them through.
Vinnie and Mary.