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Update 30.10.13

By Vinnie on 29-10-2013

Hello there, Am thrilled to advise that I am just back from a marvellous visit to Arusha. We will be in touch with all sponsors re their children, and there will be many photos to look at both on Facebook and the Gallery page here. Haradali and Shepherds schools were thriving, with good buildingĀ  and progress programmes, and buzzing after the recent graduation of year 7 students. Haradali made the National grade in both netball and soccer, ( that”s local, then district, then regional, then national !) and there was an ACE child in each team, Florah Ezekial for Netball, and Baraka Omori as striker for the soccer team. Well done ! I was privileged to be able to take with me letters that some sponsors had written to their children. The children Dette er et ekte Casino med dealere som overfores direkte til deg via webcam. were thrilled, and will treasure them as a special contact with the person who enables them to attend school. Any time you can find to correspond with your sponsor child is hugely beneficial for them.

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It was also apparent that we need to spend some more money on full physical health checks as the children mature. Many of them could really benefit from a supplement programme also.

Please don”t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, meanwhile enjoy all the photos !

Cheers, Vinnie