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Update, March 20th

By Vinnie on 20-03-2012

Hi there,

Arusha Children’s Effort ( ACE) which sponsors needy children into school in Arusha, Tanzania, ( Registration CC45344 ) has continued to grow.

We are making steady progress. We have 72 children sponsored into school, and a generous USA donor who is covering the modest salary of our employee in Arusha ( a local Tanzanian) who monitors the children’s progress, liaises with the schools, and purchases uniforms, text books and boarding supplies as necessary. All other administration, accounting and travel is funded personally by myself and volunteers.

All the money goes to the children. Our initiative is web based, which saves on time and paper, and all correspondence, invoicing and child updates are done via email, Facebook, or our website. The children will break shortly for a small vacation at the end of March, and Blandina is busy ensuring that they all have somewhere safe to go during this time. 6 new sponsors in the last week has been great, we have several children whose sponsors are unable to keep up their commitment and it is the generosity of others which is currently enabling these kids to stay in school.

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However, as is always the case in charity situations, we are constantly looking for assistance. Our most immediate need is to have a vehicle in Arusha, as taxis, dala dalas and motorbike services are costly, dangerous and time consuming.

We are desperate for a sturdy, reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle or van (as otherwise the roads are impassable in the wet season). If you are able to assist with the one-off purchase of a vehicle, and its subsequent upkeep, either through contacts within Africa, or by the donation of funds towards it, it would be hugely appreciated.

Our enquiries show that we will need to raise around USD 8,000 to purchase a reliable vehicle, with on going running costs of approx. USD 2000 per annum. We would welcome also the opportunity to have the vehicle display any advertising material that a sponsor wished.

Contact Mary (maryd@windowslive.com) or Vinnie (vinnied@duncancervena.com) if you can help, have any queries, or want to know more about sponsoring a child as well.
Thanks, Vinnie