"Do not try to satisfy your vanity by teaching a great many things. Awaken people's curiosity. It is enough to open minds, do not overload them. Put there just a spark. If there is some good inflammable stuff, it will catch fire."
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Update March 23th!

By Mary on 23-03-2012

Sorry for the late update guys, things got a bit busy for a while! Just below I have the latest Shepherds Newsletter, some huge improvements have been made, and it looks like it is really shining as one of the top schools in Arusha. ACE is lucky to be working with them. “It will be unreasonable for me to set the ball rolling in this very first Shepherds Secondary School News letter issue, without thanking God for the guidance and provision he has given this whole institution till this very moment. It will also be unfair for me not to recognize the numerous and generous friends and donors who have enabled us to attain these heights through Epic Change. I will not leave out the staff and collaborators who have worked so hard to make this dream come true. I know you must be wanting to know what dream has come true and I will tell you. This year Shepherds Schools is delighted to let you know that a Secondary Wing has been inaugurated as a step towards attaining the vision I had on the development and provision of education. It has not only been a commitment to a vision but also hard work, combined efforts and shared love across the globe. Above all, it has been a desire to create a generation of people who will have the potential to initiate sustainable change from an understanding that self reliance is possible. By independently executing well calculated short and long term plans designed through collaboration and exchange, we are sure to develop young people who will be ready to meet the challenges of our ever changing globe. My wish is to see this new venture swerve through these challenges to stand as an exemplary initiative, leaving behind a beautiful terrain for sustainable growth and development in the arena of education.” Founder /School Manager Mrs. Lucy Kamptoni “Best memories are brought about by any good work done out of love. I’m proud to be part of this vision to see this children grow up to higher heights and bring about the desired change for this nation and the whole world. The life that we are living in this current world needs intellectuals who are determined to use their talents and gifts that they have, in their careers, this will activate the true change that we desire. Shepherd School is structured in a way that focuses on bringing up and setting high standards in all disciplines. This will definitely lead us to have one of the best schools across the country. My plea to all those who have been supporting us, all those who will support us in future, the staff, parents and students is that; there is much work ahead of us to make Mama Lucy's dreams and vision a reality. This can be done by injecting new energy

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and strength in every step that we take. Together we excel, together we can change the world and make it a better place for everyone – only when we all stay focused on the positive things by doing what we mean.” Operations Manager: Benard Mainga “This whole initiative sprang out from the consideration that pupils leaving Shepherds Primary School had to join secondary education. It then became imperative to sort out means by which the foundation they had acquired could be built on, in line with the vision that had been instilled in these kids throughout their stay in primary school at Shepherds. The curriculum as structured at shepherds is competence and skill based and even though National policy for a while has been advising schools to move from a knowledge or content based curricula to a competence based one, it has been difficult for most schools to adapt to the new trends, something which Shepherds has taken it seriously. At Shepherds, students are trained to think critically while at the same time focus on making a pass at the National Examinations. With this background, we were able to acquired land and do construction from donors and well wishers through Epic Change. In January 23rd 2012 the school received it’s first 10 students that opened the doors.” “Our pride at shepherds is that we build a network of friends with whom we exchange, not only gifts and donations, but we also share experiences that help us to develop our kids in a holistic way for global challenges. We therefore extend our heartfelt thanks to all those friends and well wishers who have been sacrificing their time, energy and resources, to see that our dreams come true. They will forever be part of the school and will always remain in the hearts of the kids who have and are still learning from the experiences shared with them. It would have been our joy to list out these friends in this first issue of Shepherds Secondary School’s Newsletter but for the fact that the collective efforts stretched right across the globe and would be an inexhaustible list. Just do one little thing for the kids on this side of the world and be part of this process. We will forever be grateful for your support.” Thank you all. “Extend a hand to pull up one of these little kids and give them a chance in our ever changing world.” SHEPHERDS SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWS LETTER NEWS LETTER FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 2012

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“This day brought together parents, teachers and students in a forum where joy and laughter was plenty and where the comfort of acknowledging that this is an ideal environment for study was evident. Teachers arrived a little earlier to set the stage for festivities. This was followed by the arrival of parents and students. The ceremony began with the manager welcoming the general assistance and calling upon leaders to briefly address the audience. The parents praised the efforts made by the school in taking the initiative to begin this project in a conducive and reliable environment for learning. The management recruited well experienced, committed and hardworking staff. This reassured both the parents and the students that they had made the right decision to join Shepherds Secondary School and that they are in the right place. The visitors were then taken on a tour around the school campus and students acquainted with the different areas on the facility. Everyone then settled for a meal and a pause after which a tree planting exercise was carried out to mark the beginning of the school and to symbolize a steady growth that needs to be cautiously guided. Just as the plant is watered and taken care of to grow, that is how the school needs your care and support to be lifted to its feet, and prepared to run.” SHEPHERDS SECONDARY SCHOOL FAMILY “At Shepherds Secondary School, we have developed the habit of networking with all stakeholders involved in the business of education. We stick to a healthy relation with parents and students as well as friends and well wishers, while maintaining the guidelines stipulated by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. This gives us the possibility to attend to the kids to the best of our ability, since we respect and appreciate the ideas and contributions of each stakeholder in effecting the upbringing of the kids that have been entrusted us. Our wish is to see this culture of relating with those who share our vision, grow and be of impact to the end goals of the school which is to shape the talents in every student we have.” MANAGEMENT AND STAFF “The management and staff of Shepherds Secondary School met on the 21st of January 2012 for a very first time. During this meeting the management hammered on the lines to be followed especially as far as responsibilities are concerned. The meeting was also an occasion for the appointment of the first ever administrative leadership team of the school as follows. Founder/Manager: Mrs. Lucy Kamptoni, Discipline Master: Mr. Eric Ogola, Academic master: Mr. Hussein Mchori, Secretary: Mrs. Caroline David. Principal: Mr. Nsami Bakari, Matron Mrs. Vicky Richard, and Operations Manager: Mr. Benard Mainga. This team was then called upon to work as one for the children.” :Shepherds Secondary School is a coeducational boarding and day school with high moral values and a vision to create talented, hardworking, independent, disciplined and skilled critical thinkers. The school is located at Manyire in the Arusha District of the Arusha Region in Tanzania. At Shepherds Secondary School, students are helped to develop what they already have. We believe that no student is empty. They all have an ability which we help them to develop while linking these abilities to their ambitions. In this way our students are fulfilled doing what they want and not just what the school system prescribes. We encourage our students to think beyond horizons by exposing them to the world at large through reading and information. We avail them with resources that enable them to relate with what happens in other schools in other areas. We also have them travel around to meet and talk to other people. This enables them to venture out of their comfort zones and thus forms a strong confidence and independence which we think is necessary for them to meet the challenges of the globe. Our students are not only being prepared to be leaders of tomorrow but they will also be able to initiate and take initiative instantly, when the opportunity for them to join the hustle and bustle of the world will eventually come for them.” WHAT IS NEXT “With the achievements already in place we are in dire need to develop other areas to make our campus conducive for studies. We’d be very grateful your continuing support towards our listed priorities. Dormitories (boys and girls) Science laboratory equipments 2 Staff quarters Administrative block Computer laboratory Dining hall Infirmary Library.” For more information visit: www.shepherdsjr.wordpress.com www.epicchange.org Email us at: shepherdsjunior@yahoo.com We want to be on the web with your support. “We acknowledge that normal teaching and learning processes have picked up on a good foot this very first year at shepherds Secondary School. However there is still quite some work to be done to attain the full nature of the desired plan for the project. Even as students are in class construction is still going on to complete the basic necessities on the facility. We can boast of four classrooms to begin with.”