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Update May 23rd

By Vinnie on 22-05-2012

Only a few days until we

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arrive in Tanzania on June 6th, to monitor the progress of the ACE programme. We have many donations from NZ to take with us, including toothbrushes and paste, stationery, and some small toys. Thanks to all who have donated. There are a few people who haven't paid their fees yet for 2012, please, can you do so, so that we can ensure that all kids get the education they have been promised. Mary and I look forward to sharing with you all the pictures and details when we return. In other news , ACE held a Parents / Children meeting at Haradali recently to talk to the children about the importance of all the children turning up to school, doing their homework, and also asking the parents what suggestions they have to contribute to the ACE programme. Many parents were asking if their children could please have a second uniform, as otherwise it is very hard to keep them clean. It was great to see such a good turnout. There have been several new albums posted onto the Gallery page if you have not already seen them on Facebook, and we will have many more after the trip in June.

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Thanks to all who contribute, Vinnie.